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Experience The Rapid Science-Based Biohacks Ben Greenfield Uses With World Class Athletes, Leading CEOs, And Other Top-Performers To Effortlessly Level Up Your Health And Longevity.

18 Hours


Sept 21, 2020


Does it ever feel like your body, your health, and your energy levels just aren’t quite what they used to be?

You could be in decent physical shape – but you now need to exercise longer and harder than usual just to maintain your strength and weight (only to feel more beat up, sore and exhausted the next day).

Or you could be a productive professional or business owner – but now more than ever, you’re struggling to find time for those exhausting 1-hour, 3-times-a-week gym sessions that force you to cut back on family, friends, and personal time.

Or you could be in your later years – but you’re not enjoying your free time the way you imagined, because you just don’t have the energy and strength you once had (or worse still, you’re finding yourself spending more and more time nursing new aches and pains).

Whichever category you fall in, chances are you’ve just chalked it up to aging, and how it’s an unavoidable part of life.

But while it’s true that aging is a natural part of life, what isn’t natural are our beliefs about HOW we age.

All of the above and more, is what our post-industrial society has told us “growing old” looks and feels like. That no matter who you are, you’ll eventually be forced into weakness, frailty, and lethargy in your later years.

But what if that understanding of aging wasn’t a fact… but rather an option?

And what if it was possible to choose a different option? One that rewards you with a long, fulfilling lifetime of youthful energy, unshakable health, and remarkable fitness?

De ce se degradează corpul nostru pe măsură ce trec anii?

The food you eat. The way you move and exercise. The habits you stick to. Science has long proven that every aspect of how you live your life leaves a profound impact on your length and quality of life.

In fact recent studies have even shown that anxiety and emotional distress literally accelerates our aging on a cellular level.

On the other hand, longevity scientists have more recently identified certain areas around the world – known as “Blue Zones” – where people live far longer, and enjoy a superior quality of life compared to anyone else on the planet. This includes:

But the individuals in these regions aren’t just living long: they’re living well. They’re vibrant, robust and healthy, and remain physically active well into their 70s, 80s, 90s and even into their 100s. And most importantly, they’re happy and deeply fulfilled.

All this points to one tantalizing question:

Is There A Universal “Formula” For Longevity?

After decades of study, researchers have finally begun to piece together the secrets of the world’s longest living and happiest people – some of it a direct contradiction to what you may have been told about health and longevity.

For instance:

But what about the rest of us who don’t live in these Blue Zones? Is it possible for us to adopt the foundations of a longevity-focused human, without uprooting our lives and drastically altering our lifestyles?

Ben Greenfield

Transform Your Body, Health & Life With The Longevity Blueprint

The Longevity Blueprint program is an easy-to-follow protocol that combines cutting-edge body performance science with the time-tested traditions of the world’s longest-living cultures – and gives you the ultimate solution to a long, healthy, fulfilling life.

In just 5 – 20 minutes a day, your body is reconditioned with natural physiological changes that elevate every marker of your wellbeing – from your strength and your mobility, to your energy levels and longevity, and more.

But what you won’t find in this program are gruelling, long workouts that leave you sore and exhausted.

Why? Because the latest science has proven that many of the gruelling workouts promoted by the fitness industry actually cause widespread inflammation, damage the cardiovascular system, erode your joints, and actually age you faster!

And so instead of pushing harder, running longer, or doing more reps, you enjoy a beautifully optimized process takes as little time and effort as possible, and transforms you in four key areas: Fitness | Health | Beauty | Longevity

Iată ce-ți promitem!

Our promise is to give you the very best training in the world so choosing the right trainer is essential. Our trainers are recognised as the best in their field and fluent in methods of human transformation. This means you learn in a scientific, structured way that delivers true results. We focus on actually transforming you and not just imparting facts and knowledge. Our trainers shape your mindset, beliefs and habits in a way where change is guaranteed at the end of the program.


From athletes from the NHL and the NFL, to top CEOs and endurance competitors – when the world’s top performers want to take their mental and physical performance to the peak of their abilities, they turn to renowned biohacker, and body and brain performance coach, Ben Greenfield.

But despite looking fit by most traditional standards, Ben, at the age of 35, discovered that his biological age was far older than his chronological age, and that his body was eroding far faster than he expected.

For the next two years, Ben became a relentless self-experimenter, testing countless biohacks to see whether he could not only slow down aging – but reverse it.

Today, at the age of 37, Ben has a biological age of just 20 – a profound 17 year difference. Remarkably, the techniques he used to achieve this did not require any special equipment or skills. Nor did they demand restrictive levels of effort or time.

In short, what he discovered was biohacks that anyone – no matter their age or current fitness level – can use to transform their body and their life.

The Longevity Blueprint program brings together all of Ben’s discoveries into one intuitive, easy-to-follow online learning curriculum: so you too can elevate every aspect of your wellbeing, and live your life to the absolute fullest.

Ben Greenfield

Ben’s Telomere test shows at the age of 36, his body functions like a 20 year old.

Ben is only 1 of 3 people in the world to complete 9 of the hardest Spartan races in a single year.

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"Ben is the best there is in this Industry!"

If you want solid, science-backed health and fitness advice, Ben is the best there is in this Industry!

Leanne Flama

Florida, United States

“Simply the best biohacker!”

A precious resource and source for my health and training researches!

I highly recommend you follow his blog and all his publications.

Oltello Salvador

Vittorio Veneto, Italy


1. Optimize Your Fitness.
From your stamina and strength, to your speed and endurance – discover easy-to-follow biohacks and protocols that rapidly elevate every marker of your fitness.

2. Develop A Better Physique.
Gain a beautiful aesthetic from head to toe. Melt off unwanted fat. And improve your muscle definition in line with your ideal body type.

3. Gain Muscle & Strength.
Craft a strong and robust body that can do more, endure more, and go the distance – and that even recovers faster from workouts.

4. Improve Your Athletic Performance.
Whether you’re a committed athlete or a weekend warrior, discover ingenious hacks for performing better at any form of physical activity or sport.

5. Increase Your Mobility.
Condition your body for a wider range of movement by strengthening your joints, improving your flexibility, and fixing your posture.

6. Amplify Your Energy.
Replace lethargy and sluggishness with boundless energy to make the most of every day, and maximize your productivity.

7. Live Longer.
Set yourself up for a long, fulfilling life by optimizing your immunity, metabolism, and other physiological markers of longevity.

8. Look & Feel Younger.
Reverse your biological age on the inside and outside, erase the symptoms of aging and illness, and look and feel your absolute best.

Why I Started Training With Ben Greenfield

A few months ago, I shared this image of my two-year health transformation on Instagram which got a lot of our community talking. In the image on the left, I had only recently turned 40, and I was in the worst shape of my life.

My eyesight was deteriorating, my waistline was expanding, a double chin was appearing and worst of all, I was starting to lose my hair. I had failed all my health goals, and instead, I was turning into that stereotypical “middle-aged” man. I wanted to stop this, as I wanted to be physically able to play with my great-grandkids and have the energy to run my business even in my 70s. To do this, I needed to figure out a way to slow down, or even reverse aging.

As I begin researching and diving deep into the science of longevity, there was always one name that kept popping up as the leading authority in this field – Ben Greenfield, the man who successfully reversed his biological ago by 17-years.

How did he do it? Surprisingly, the practices he used to achieve this were not complex and did not require expensive equipment (often not needing any equipment at all). They also did not take a lot of time to do. In other words, these were health strategies anyone could do — no matter how old you are today or your current circumstances — to reap incredible rewards in both the length of your life, but also the quality of your life.

Ever since I started applying the ideas I learned from Ben, the difference it has made to my health and fitness has been profound (see the second image on the right). Today, I’m fitter, stronger, slimmer, more muscular, and more energetic than I ever was in my early thirties — And I don’t expect that will change for years, or even decades to come.

Vishen Lakhiani’s 2 Year Health Transformation

Ben Greenfield is only 1 of 3 people in the world to complete 9 of the hardest Spartan races in a single year Pic top right: Ben Greenfield sharing his wisdom at A-Fest Bottom Right: Vishen Lakhiani interviewing Ben Greenfield



Explore The Longevity Blueprint

The Longevity Blueprint program is an easy-to-follow process that systematically enhances your overall wellness – and rewards you with a body that looks great, feels great, works at its full potential, and lasts.


For 8 weeks, you’ll join Ben Greenfield in a series of 15-20 minute daily online lessons designed to simulate a private 1-on-1 session with him (which normally costs upwards of $4,997 a month and has a waiting list booked months in advance).

In each session, you’ll discover a transformational strategy, technique, or biohack that’s fun and easy to incorporate into your daily schedule – no matter how busy or stressed out you may be.


As you progress through the program, you’ll quickly notice profound changes in how your body looks and feels. And by the time you reach the end, you’ll have all the tools, habits, and knowledge you need to live the rest of your life in a state of extraordinary wellness and longevity.



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  • CUM SA…
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In week 2, you’ll discover two powerful practices to jumpstart your metabolism first thing in the morning so your body can burn more fat throughout the day.

You’ll also learn a foam roller routine that will help you develop body symmetry and speed up your recovery after workouts.

Highlights include:

  • An easy morning walk that activates your body’s fat-burning mode.
  • A quick cold-hot shower biohack proven to extend longevity and have you feeling more youthful and energetic throughout the day.
  • The Tabata Set: a quick 4-minute exercise protocol to burn fat that’s 5X more effective than running on a treadmill.
  • An in-depth look at how to use foam rollers to relieve muscle pain, and improve flexibility.

In week 3, you’ll learn how to develop functional strength and how to craft your ideal body in the least amount of time.

Highlights include:

  • The super-slow strength protocol to rapidly and safely develop your strength and muscle growth in the shortest amount of time.
  • A “hot therapy” protocol to improve blood flow for better muscle growth and faster recovery.
  • A powerful 4-minute workout to quickly build lean and functional muscles with one of the most basic exercise equipment: The Kettlebell.
  • Foundation Training: learn the protocol used by Olympic athletes to strengthen the “core”, improve posture, and remove back pain.

Your anaerobic capacity determines the amount of power you can put out. In week 4, you’ll be pushing your limits to expand your anaerobic capacity with High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

You’ll also learn two simple routines that will strengthen your joints and ligaments, and improve your mobility.

Highlights include:

  • An extended High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) protocol to efficiently boost your mitochondrial density and naturally increase your overall energy levels.
  • An isometric strength routine to improve joint health by developing muscle stability around your joints.
  • The complete stretch routine to effectively improve your mobility and dramatically reduce the risk of injury.

In week 5, you’ll have routines that will help you develop stamina – your ability to keep your peak-performance longer.

Highlights include:

  • A quick 4-minute core plank routine to develop aesthetic abs and build a rock-solid core.
  • A sprint version of the HIIT training to improve your stamina.
  • A gentle Yoga and deep breathing routine to increase oxygen in your body and boost energy levels throughout the day.

Week 6 is about taking your cardio fitness to completely new heights so you stay active and energetic all day.

Highlights include:

  • The ultimate 7-minute bodyweight workout that you can do anywhere (you don’t even need a gym) to level up your cardio fitness in the shortest time possible.
  • A low-intensity hike to improve your overall cardio fitness.
  • Why a regular sports massage is a great way to fasten your recovery.

In the final week, you’ll learn how to design your own training program based on your goals and schedule. The Quest teaches you the entire spectrum of different exercises, but you don’t have to keep on doing everything. It all depends on your time and goals.

Then, time for results! Check your progress with the final assessment.

Highlights include:

  • How to use learnings in this Quest to craft your own ideal routine that fits your goals and schedule.
  • Fitness assessment to measure your results.






A Guide To Deeper Sleep & A Healthier Diet

In this bonus guide, you’ll join Ronan Oliveira, Head of Mindvalley’s Health & Fitness Division, as he shows you how to optimize your health through better diet, and simple ways to improve your sleep.


Done-For-You Workout Programs

Take the guesswork and unnecessary hard work out of your exercise routine with these done-for-you workout guides – each one designed to give you maximum results with as little time and effort as possible.

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"This Quest is just what I was looking for and has helped me so much"

Before I started this programme, I was working out in stupid ways with no idea what I was doing and without seeing any progress. Although I had an end goal I was pretty clueless. Having seen some of Ben’s work online previously, I decided to get on board with the Longevity Blueprint and WOW!

Aidan O'Sullivan

Entertainer and Speaker
Buckingham, United Kingdom

"Ben is an amazing teacher and he provides modifications for all body types and abilities"

Before this Quest I had a hard time exercising, was not sure whether I was doing the right exercises, how long I should work out for or how frequently to do which exercises. I did not feel empowered in my personal fitness and I did not know how to best care for my body. After taking this Quest.

Tessa Hayman

CEO of Living Free and Healthy
Hamilton, Canada

“The best results I have got thanks to the course is improved posture“

I have bought some Mindvalley courses before and have always been attentive to the Mindvalley offers. I was hooked by the Ben’s introduction webinar and his promises of balanced training routine, which was optimized for fitness, longevity and beauty. My age is beyond forty.

Kateryna Kolkova

United States


Kristi Anier
Customer Happiness Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

The program is an easy-to-follow journey towards elevating your fitness, health, beauty and longevity. Every day for 7 weeks, you’ll experience a 15 – 20 minute online micro-lesson or tutorial with Ben Greenfield. Each day builds on the last, and you’ll enjoy a rewarding sense of progress (that could lead to permanent change) with minimal time spent.

By the end of the program, you’ll experience a complete and balanced transformation of your entire wellbeing.

There are specific weeks during the program that you will ideally need access to certain gym equipment, so we highly recommend looking for a gym near you. But you by no means need to commit to a long-term membership (unless you want to) right now. During the first week of the program, Ben will help you prepare for the program in the easiest and most cost effective way.


Ben will recommend certain tools to help you along the way. Most of the tools or equipment are not expensive and can easily be found online or at your neighborhood health or sports store. Best part is, once you learn how to use these tools, they will serve you for a lifetime.

Examples of the equipment Ben will recommend includes a foam roller, a kettlebell, and resistance bands.

No. This program is specifically designed to focus on simple yet effective biohacks for improved fitness, health, beauty and longevity. If you wish to later dive deeper into improving your nutrition, Mindvalley’s WildFit program would be your ideal next step.

The Longevity Blueprint program is specifically designed to be accessible to anyone – no matter your age, or your current fitness levels.

While exercise plays an important part in elevating your overall wellbeing, it is only ONE aspect of the overall strategy. What you’ll find is that you’ll only need to spend less than 30 minutes a day “working out”.

With that said, if you have any prior injuries, we highly recommend you consult your physician beforehand.

Mindvalley Quests is an online learning platform that we’ve designed to revolutionize and optimize the online learning experience – and the programs we release on it are known as Quests.

Mindvalley Quests combines today’s best neuroscience, speed learning, and peak performance techniques to upgrade your brain and mindset in record time. You need just a couple hours a week to follow the lessons. Everyone starts on the same day. You can go back to lessons if you miss anything. Go at your own pace. The lessons are designed to be fun, engaging and easy. But the results you get are truly profound and long-lasting because of the transformational theory and science that goes behind the creation of each program.

A Mindvalley program is designed to be experienced through daily micro-learning, and as a community – but it’s perfectly fine to also study the curriculum at your own pace.

And yes, if you get busy on some days, it’s okay to pick up where you left off. What’s most important is your commitment and consistency in completing the entire process. When you enroll in any program the lessons are available to you for life. So take your time.

Yes, you can start the program at a later date. Each program starts multiple times a month. Once you enroll you can choose any class start date and see the numbers of students enrolled in that particular class. You can also retake any class anytime.

While we do believe that regularly practicing anything at the same time helps in instilling a habit, especially when you’re learning a new skill, it is NOT necessary.

Although we do recommend it, we understand that life can sometimes throw you a curveball and you may not be able to do the lesson as you originally planned.

And so it’s perfectly fine if you need to do the lessons at different times, or even miss some days and catch up later. What’s important is that you stay as consistent as you can, and follow the entire process from start to finish, at your own pace.